McConnell: ‘No idea’ if Trump team had Russia contacts

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellThe Trump Administration has definitely not drained the swamp How does placing sanctions on Russia help America? THE MEMO: Trump's wild first month MORE (R-Ky.) on Friday told reporters he had “no idea” whether President Trump’s campaign advisers were in touch with Russian officials last year.
Trump told reporters at a press conference Thursday that he knew of nobody within his circle who was in contact with Russian intelligence agents during the presidential campaign.
"Nobody that I know of. Nobody," the president said. 
Asked Friday whether he believed Trump’s answer, McConnell told reporters, “I have no idea.”
A spokesman later clarified that McConnell thought he was asked whether he knew of any contacts between Trump and Russian officials.
“He doesn’t know that because he’s not leading the investigation,” said Don Stewart, McConnell’s spokesman. 
The New York Times, citing phone records and intercepted calls revealed by “current and former American officials,” reported earlier this week that four senior advisers to Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian intelligence officials prior to the election.
McConnell has tapped the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate alleged efforts by Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
Senate GOP leaders say they expect the panel to also review alleged contacts between Trump advisers and Russian intelligence.